Allie | Barktober Fest | Lolly Pop Farms | Rochester NY

First, I am going to ask you to support this walk run I am doing on Saturday, September 27th called Barktober Fest, in support of Lollypop Farms.

Second, I am going to tell you a story about Allie with some adorable pictures. My favorite person in the world is Allie. Here she is napping, the only time you can capture a still image of her:

allie napp

My husband and I adopted Allie from Animal Friends in Pittsburgh, a place much like our own Lollypop Farm here in Rochester.  Without getting too Sarah Mclachlan, I’d like to tell you a bit about her. She was fixed when they found her and it’s clear from her scars that she was used in a puppy mill and then discarded somewhere.  We adopted her when she was 7.  Which means she spent most of her formative years churning puppy after puppy until she wasn’t producing anymore. When we met her she had seen a lot of turmoil and she had a lot of emotional obstacles to overcome.  Now, after many years of love and friendship, Allie is a true part of our family.

Today, Allie is 16 years old, and even with her many healthy problems – she was still very much like a puppy. She hates/loves squirrels. She loves meeting new people and chasing deer. She loves wearing her many sweaters and outfits. She is the Queen of nap time. In every room of our house, we have a comfortable spot she can sit on to watch what we’re doing. I like to think we’re her retirement home.

all face

I am grateful to places like Lollypop Farms because we that’s where we found Allie. If you have room in your heart and home for an older pet – I encourage you to adopt one. They have so much love to share with you!

On Saturday, my husband, Allie and myself will walk in Barktober Fest. If you cannot join me, please take to support my team by giving a gift to Lolly Pop Farms. You know the deal – anything you can do would be wonderful! I hope you’ll think of us even if you choose not to donate here:


Nicknames: Allinator, El Bark, Stinky, Allie Dog, Piglet, Pickle, & Grand Master Bark.



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